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"The Triumph of the Castanets" Interesting literary work by its title. Its author, an Augustinian friar, explains that it is merely a pretext, a claim to the reader, which contains a fine social satire. Mention castanets instrument for the development of the story you want to communicate, arouses curiosity and sympathy for the lovers of this instrument.

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"Quiero Bailar Flamenco" Book written by "Azucena Huidobro". Secrets of the exciting world of Flamenco: How is a dance classroom, how are castanets, diversity of colors, positions of arms for the dance and the play of castanets...

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"Bailando un Tesoro". Discovering the Spanish Dance The National Ballet of Spain preserves and disseminates the rich Spanish choreographic heritage. Folklore, Bolera School, Stylized Dance and Flamenco. "Bailando un Tesoro" is the book for the new generations to discover the Spanish Dance.

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"José de Udaeta. 50 Years on Stage". After fifty years of artistic career, José de Udaeta, National Dance Award 1995, is the paradigm of the artist, character dump in their vocation, passionate and exciting. He raised the castanets to a soloist instrument. This work shows the most remarkable brushwork of his career.

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Flamenco to tap. Sheet Music Method of study. Original title: "Flamenco to tap. Rhythm in your feet "Author: Rosa de las Heras.

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"Castanets: The Study of Musical Rhythm 7" Method created and developed by Emma Maleras helps to dignify the castanet and extract from them all the benefits they bring to the study of music, in addition to enhancing its beautiful sound as a solo instrument, admired by the world.

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"Castanets: The Study of Musical Rhythm 2" In this second volume continues the study of the castanets, focusing on its usefulness as a means to acquire a perfect perception of musical rhythm. New concepts: syncopation, setbacks. New rhythmic values: dotted quarter and eighth note. The figure of sixteenth note. Different inputs correct phrase and accent.

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Audiovisual Learning Guide - Castanets Accessories Definitive Guide to learn how to play castanets. Includes a treaty to learn Sevillana dancing to the accompaniment of flamenco castanets. Audiovisual method to discover all the secrets of playing the castanets, technique, feeling and demonstrating the art performance of his music.

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"The Spanish Castanets And Dance". Literary work, based soloist castanets and dance, arts universal. Purpose of this book: draw a story about the dance and the castanets during its history. The aim is to outline the characteristics and outcomes of this relationship, and open roads to the study of Spanish dance.

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"Argentina" Seen by José Clará ". Antonia Merce´s Art and Epoch, 1948. Antonia Merce and Luque, "La Argentina", dancers´s daughter of the Teatro Real in Madrid. She founded in 1929 the first Spanish ballet company. She distinguished herself in the masterful use of castanets.In 1927 José Clará wanted to create harmony of the movements of "La Argentina".  

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"Castanets: The Musical Rhythm Studio 4" Fourth course begins with some preparatory exercises, exercising the base of the finger technique. Emma Maleras, great connoisseur of the study of rhythm, has dedicated over thirty years to teach the rhythm of the castanets to several generations of students. His teaching method has been refined and the result is developed in these books.

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"Castanets: The Study of Musical Rhythm 3" This volume consists of several distinct parts. Each contains different ways to work your fingers, as if it were three or four separate books to be studied simultaneously during the course. With previous exercises to practice the notes pesantes, picadas notes, syncopation in black figures and ligation.

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